I’ve started several blogs on several different subjects, but I’m not a consistent blogger, and as a result they’ve become virtually invisible.  I don’t even remember all of them or where they are hosted.  Recently I found some of my content from ten years ago that I thought was long gone.  Like orbital space debris it’s still floating out there somewhere.

I’ve decided to end the blogging madness and try a different approach.  I’m going back to creating static but useful content in a traditional-type website, but built with the WordPress content management system.  It might not be the best approach for the search engines, but it’s the best approach for me.  I’ve always maintained that if you have something of quality to contribute, it will get found.  It might not get found quickly, but it will eventually.  I’m here for the long term, so I’m going to slow down, keep it original and useful, and enjoy creating once more.

So what will be found here?  What is the purpose of this site?  If it’s original and useful, to what end?  It’s basically a place for me to get control of my internet properties and projects, whether finished or in progress.  It’s a place to talk about what I’m doing, and how I’m doing, toward the ultimate goal of creating my entire income online (I’m getting close).

At the least, it will become a dashboard for me to keep organized — to keep track of everything I publish before it becomes “space debris.”  At best, it might help someone else to believe in their creativity and their ability to build something unique, fulfilling, and possibly income-producing.