My Web Presence – How to become a Notary Public in every state.  How to add Notary loan signing agent to your commission.

Notary Sources Newsletter – A good start.  Needs more articles.

Notary Loan Signing Agent Comprehensive Course – My training course now selling on Amazon. – Over 1500 (and growing) vintage patterns and cookbooks published from a vast private collection of vintage and antique books.

VintageHomeArts Blog – Another good start.  It’s coming together.

Vintage Home Arts on Ebay – My Vintage Home Arts eBay store.

Vintage Home Arts on Amazon – My Vintage Home Arts Amazon store. – My very first website started September 11, 2001.  I’ve left it standing, warts and all, because surprisingly it produces a small Adsense income through the years that’s too good to mess with.  Clearly this is because people who land there don’t find what they’re looking for so they click on an ad.  Something to think about if Adsense income is your goal.

Article Sites

Nancy Oram on – An eclectic list of over 100 articles published on Squidoo.

Nancy Oram on – Just starting to publish here.