I’m Nancy Oram.  I started working from home many, many years ago.  Before we all had computers, I started a typing service with an investment of $800 in an IBM Selectric.  That evolved into a word processing service just as soon as IBM came out with the Displaywriter.  Anyone remember those?  After going back to the corporate world for several years as an office administrator, I once again started a home-based business.  Equipped with a PC, it was a similar service as the word processing, but specializing in legal transcribing and oral histories.  I also hired out as a consultant to small businesses on occasion.  As an add-on service I became a mobile Notary Public and loan signing agent.

About the turn of the century, I started to learn about internet marketing and how to create “multiple streams of passive income.”  On September 11, 2001, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning committed to building my first website.  Determined not to be distracted by anything, I resisted the temptation to check out the picture of the fiery explosion on the home page of my browser.  It was a couple of hours later when I emerged from purchasing my first domain and setting up hosting.  Only then did I learn what was going on in the opposite side of the country.  I will never forget the anniversary of the day I started my online adventures — or the renewal date of my first domain.

I’ve always loved writing, and our access to the Internet has provided me with limitless opportunities to dabble in a multitude of topics.  I have several websites now.  Some are developed and some are just concepts.  None of them are ever really done.  I write for other venues as well, and I have on occasion created content for hire.  In addition, I have several books published on Amazon through the help of their self-publishing site.  They are all nonfiction and doing quite well, providing a nice hunk of my online income.

My biggest challenge is in the form of trying to process too much information and being scattered in too many directions.  This site is an attempt at gathering most of it under one roof.